Europe faces a pressing need to build more inclusive and youth-friendly societies. Developing more knowledge and innovations on how to enhance youth social participationemployment and social belonging should include young people themselves. Youth citizen social science (Y-CSS) is the approach through which the research team behind the YouCount project, aims to address this complex challenge.  However, Y-CSS poses in itself important challenges that we need to reflect on, as our project gathers pace.  For that reason, we are organising events to share what we have learned so far, how we are planning to proceed, and listen to your views and suggestions.

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Please be warmly invited to our first webinar: 
“How to open up research & innovation to young people?”
Friday 24th September 2021, 13:00-15:00 CEST - Via Zoom

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13:00 Welcome by YouCount & EIE WG, idea of webinar, safe space, introduction
Reidun Norvoll, YouCount coordinator at OsloMet
Claudia Göbel, EIE WG co-chair
Claire Murray, ECSA

13:15 What is important for working together?

Experiences from Nottingham
Rick Hall, ignite! education charity in Nottingham
Bozenka Demeterova, youth worker in Sneinton, Nottingham
Finn, SKATE Nottingham group

Experiences from Oslo
Sumaya Ali Isse, young researcher
Aziz Alismail, young researcher
Glenn, Tøyen Unlimited, Olso
Sara Berge Lorenzen, OsloMet

Experiences from Lancaster
Oliver Moores, UCan research group
Cath Larkins, The Centre for Children and Young People's Participation at

Questions & Answers after each input

14:10 Breakout groups on questions by young researchers

14:40 Round of reflections on presentations & breakout groups by participants in plenary 

15:00 Farewell

Young people in Europe are facing many challenges with regard to social inclusion (e.g. social participation, employment, social belonging). There is a pressing need to develop more knowledge and innovation to create more inclusive and youth-friendly societies. One way to contribute to this is through Citizen Social Science with young people - Youth Citizen Social Science (Y-CSS). 

As practitioners of Citizen Science, community-based research and youth engagement, we seek to use this series of webinars to create space for discussing important questions of Y-CSS, mobilise feedback on the YouCount framework & start building a community of interest around Y-CSS. Participation is open to everybody and free of charge. The webinars are organised by the Working Group on Empowerment, Inclusiveness & Equity at the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) and the Living Knowledge Network (LKN) together with the YouCount EU project.



Please be warmly invited to our second webinar: 
“Setting up Youth Citizen Social Science"
Thursday 21st October 2021, 13:00-15:00 - Via Zoom

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Our second webinar on Citizen Social Science (CSS) with, by, and for youth offers an opportunity for exchange on practicing youth CSS, for sharing your expertise in the field and providing feedback to the YouCount project. Members of the project are currently developing a framework for case studies in several countries. Translating the many ideas surrounding youth citizen social science into practical research and innovations can be challenging. Nevertheless, YouCount will present their preliminary concepts and invites you to discuss together how local case studies and integrating frameworks can be designed.


13:00 Welcome by YouCount & EIE WG, idea of webinar, safe space, introduction
Reidun Norvoll, YouCount coordinator at OsloMet
Claudia Göbel, EIE WG co-chair

13:15 Preparation for Youth Participation, Claire Murray, ECSA SEEDs project, 15mins + 5mins Q&A

13:35 From proposal to implementation: Introducing the YouCount multiple case study approach, Julie Ridley, UCLan, 10mins + 5mins Q&A

13:50 Breakout groups for discussion of specific aspects of the YouCount framework

10 mins input by YouCount partner on the question that they seek to address;
35 mins discussion in group

(1) Co-Evaluating citizen social science – across cases and countries and across citizens and professional scientists
Isabelle Freiling & Jörg Matthes, University Vienna

(2) How to do inclusive communication from the start?
Barbara Mihók, ESSRG

(3) How to create inclusive spaces and relations for young people from diverse backgrounds?
Suzanne Wilson, UCLan
Fortuna Procentese, UNINA 

(4) How to build on what we have learned so far from engaging with young people for YouCount webinars?
Reidun Norvoll, YouCount coordinator, OsloMet 

14:40 Round of reflections on discussions by participants in plenary 

15:00 Farewell

Participation in the webinars is open to everybody and free of charge. The webinars are organised by the ECSA & LKN Working Group on Empowerment, Inclusiveness & Equity together with the YouCount EU project ( The YouCount project is funded by the EC under GA No.101005931. The EIE working group is a voluntary and self-organised format for exchange. It is run by practitioners of Citizen Science and Community-Based Research. To join discussions and receive updates of working group activities you can subscribe to our newsletter:

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What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science (CS) – broadly defined as ‘voluntary participation of the public in the scientific process’ and currently launched by the European Commission (EC) as an open science priority – holds great potential for contributing to new knowledge and innovations, helping create more inclusive societies for young people by supporting science–society collaboration and the active engagement of citizens in research and innovation.

Yet CS is less developed in the social sciences, and evidence of the actual outcomes of CS in social science research is still scant. Thus, YOUCOUNT will respond to these scientific and societal needs by developing youth citizen science in the social sciences (Y-CSS) together with youths as citizen scientists (YCS), supporting the implementation of hands-on CSS in practice and providing a solid evaluation base of the implementation and outcomes of CSS.

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