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YouCount Youth Citizen
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A Sense of community
Empowerment & Social inclusion
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Sense of social belonging

How does the youth feel about their lives?

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What is YouCount?

YouCount is a project that brings together young people and relevant stakeholders to co-create new knowledge and innovations that can contribute to addressing one of the complex societal challenges being faced by Europe: How to increase social inclusion for young people. We are aware that young people know more about their lives, hopes, and dreams than anyone else, so our approach is to involve them as young co-researchers in all the stages of the research project, including designing our website and all our scientific communication activities.

This website is, therefore, work in progress, a living space that will change as we co-create our communication tools throughout the life of the project. Stay tuned as YouCount gains speed! And click HERE to sign up for our Newsletter!

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About the Project

YouCount will focus on social inclusion, which is understood as equal opportunities for youth participation in society, and will elucidate social participation, connectedness, and social belonging. As elaborated on later, the multiple case studies – consisting of nine co-creative Youth Citizen Social Science projects across Europe – will provide increased knowledge of the positive drivers for social inclusion in general and specific knowledge and innovation about participation, belonging, and citizenship.


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european unionYouCount is funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, GA No.101005931