Stories from the YouCount Youth - On new perspectives, being heard more deeply and belonging.

YouCount is working to co-create new knowledge and innovations to increase youth social inclusion. Since 2020, 100s of young people from local communities and 30 students from universities have worked with researchers on 10 research questions in 9 different countries. This webinar is a unique opportunity for you to learn about the YouCount project. 16 of these young people co-created this webinar and some of them will share their stories from the YouCount project. This includes lessons learned and what you should consider for future work with youth like them. Join us to learn about their important work, their results, and their valuable perspectives on engaging youth in citizen social science.

Thursday 28th September 2023 16.30 (BST) / 17.30 (CET) / 18.30 (EEST)


Andrew, Arishel, Evie and Khaleel in the United Kingdom
Elias in Norway (in discussion with Sara)
Francesca, Yuri and Biagio in Italy
Moustapha and Hamza in Spain
Emilie in Denmark (in discussion with Cathrine)
Austėja, Justinas, Miglė and Nedas in Lithuania (in conversation with Audronė)
Ákos and Regina in Hungary (in conversation with Barbara) 

This webinar is co-created by the YouCount Youth, and co-organized by the YouCount team and the ECSA and the Living Knowledge Network Empowerment, Inclusiveness and Equity Working Group.
Please note that we hope to publish the webinar creation process, learnings, and evaluation as a case study with the youth as co-authors. 

At the intersection of youth, community and belong...
Four different perspectives on local youth engagem...

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